About Buzzygrill Deluxe

All about our campfire grill:

No more bending over a smoky fire to adjust your grill. Our grill can be used from the comfort of your chair!

Our patented design utilizes lever action and self-leveling technology. To raise the solid stainless steel rod cooking surface, simply push down on the handle while pulling the height adjustment pin. Portable and easy to set up.

Designed and built in Wisconsin, U.S.A. 


Buzzygrill Deluxe very easy to operate..

Posted by Buzzygrill Deluxe – Camping Buddy on Sunday, April 7, 2019

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Specifications: (click to view)

  • surface adjusts from a height of approximately 6″ to 42″ in 3″ increments.
  • Handle and grill rotate 360 degrees.
  • Grill measures 18″ x 18″ square.
  • surface has wall all the way around to prevent food from rolling off.
  • Handle, base and pole are finished in black powdercoat.
  • Grill is made from solid stainless steel for a life time of cooking.

How Much Weight Can It Hold? (click to view)

One question we always get asked about the Buzzygrill Deluxe is “how much weight can it hold?”

My answer is this, it all depends on what type of soil the stand is in. We have cooked 10 pounds of chicken on our grill with the stand in sand without a problem. Very loose sand and you may want to put some fire wood on the stand just to be safe.

After a night of rain, we tested the Buzzygrill Deluxe in some good sod. First we tried a 40 pound cement block. The mechanicals held up no problem, but it did start tipping over. I was able to raise and lower the grill with one hand while standing on the stand.

Next we tried 26.4 pounds of fire brick. The Buzzygrill Deluxe handled that with no problems whatsoever. I was able to raise, lower, and spin the grill with one hand. That’s the beauty of the Buzzygrill Deluxe, lever action!

So, I’m going to put a weight limit on our grill at 20 pounds.

With that said though, it was cool to see it actually handle 40 pounds without breaking or bending. So if you’re looking for a grill to cook cement blocks on, well…

I’m pleased to announce that the Buzzygrill Deluxe now comes with a cool little attachment (at no extra charge) for holding a cast iron skillet and a dutch oven!


Assembly Instructions: (click to view)

  1. Remove all contents from the box.
  2. Remove rubber hose pieces from sharp points on stand.
  3. Slide pole onto stand and insert pin. You may need to rotate pole 1/2 turn for pin to go through as holes aren’t perfectly centered.
  4. Slide handle onto body and insert pin, pull rod should be locked into one of the adjustment holes.
  5. Slide handle/body over pole.
  6. Attach grill onto body.
  7. Anchor stand by standing on it, pushing sharp points into ground. Try to keep pole straight up and down (plumb) to the ground.

Buzzygrill Deluxe Photos

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